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3M™ DBI-SALA® 2.0m Webbing Pole Strap

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Webbing Pole Strap. 2.0m, with heavy duty integral wear sleeve, double action snap hooks and easy adjuster

When lives are on the line every piece of equipment matters, our pole straps have a build quality that is second to none, backed by decades of design, research, manufacturing know-how and on the job performance. The DBI SALA Webbing Pole Strap is designed for work positioning, restraint and assisted climbing. They are extensively used within the utilities industries for climbing electricity and telecommunications poles under restraint.

Our wire core series are also popular in the arbor industry for use whilst trimming trees at heights. They are available in a variety of lengths with a number of different hook and adjuster options, and are constructed from either standard webbing, REPEL™ technology webbing, rope or wire core rope.

NOTE: Pole straps are to be used for restraint only, they must never be used as a lanyard for fall arrest protection.


Ideal for work positioning, restraint and assisted climbing
Heavy duty- Integral woven polyester wear sleeve provides abrasion resistance and extends product life (E601 & E613 Series)
Easy and efficient adjustment system, can be adjusted whilst working
Double action snap hooks for easy connection to the user’s harness
REPEL™ technology webbing, repels liquids, naturally self-cleaning and enhances durability (E613 REPEL™ Series)
Latch Protection Device (LDP)- reduces the risk of webbing contacting hardware gates.
16kN gate strength on all hooks- removes the risk of accidental disengagement from excessive gate loadings.
Fully compatible hardware to remove the risk of accidental disengagement from forces roll-out
Connected Safety enabled to track inspections, control inventory and manage information

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