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Mine Infrastructure & Maintenance

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Mine Infrastructure & Maintenance

Archer Access specializes in the construction, protection, and maintenance of critical mine infrastructure. With our expertise, we provide specialized services that are tailored to the unique needs of mining operations. By focusing on the construction of critical mine infrastructure, Archer Access ensures that these structures are built to withstand the harsh conditions and demands of the mining industry.

Our highly qualified team members effectively monitor your infrastructure over time. The combination of skills allows us to carry out thorough inspections and assessments so that any potential issues or weaknesses in the infrastructure are identified and addressed promptly.

Metal fabrication experts: Skilled in creating and repairing metal structures, ensuring the durability and strength of your infrastructure.

NDT technicians: Trained to use advanced techniques and equipment to detect and evaluate any flaws or defects in the materials.

Specialists: Equipped with the knowledge and tools to access difficult areas, such as confined spaces or elevated structures. This ensures that no part of your infrastructure goes unchecked.

Having our highly qualified team on board will certainly give you peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is being monitored and maintained by professionals with the necessary expertise and skills.

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Confined Space Entry

With confined spaces being a large contributor to workplace incidents, trust Archer to provide compliance and procedures to safely access confined spaces and undertake the works.


Heavy Lift and Rigging

Our technicians and riggers are capable of working in difficult and restricted locations with the use of mobile cranes, gantry cranes and chain blocks to safely use advanced rigging techniques for installation or change out of components.

Structural, Mechanical and Piping

We have experience in the maintenance of complex assets that suit our clients’ custom needs. These include structural, mechanical and piping, such as facia sidewall replacements, crushing plant upgrades and gas line maintenance.

Non-Destructive Testing

Archer has dedicated NDT technicians who will provide a wide group of analysis techniques to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. Techniques include ultrasonic, magnetic particle, eddy-current and visual inspection.

Welding and Fabrication

Our highly qualified team members in metal fabrication provide services for coded, piping and boiler-making for all mining infrastructure, plant, facilities, and tank works.


Hazardous Material Area Access

Our unique team are experienced in accessing and decontaminating areas known to have hazardous materials present. This includes areas with exposure to Mercury, Cyanide, Caustic, Lime and Asbestos.

Blasting and Painting

Archer will provide trained technicians for the preparation and application of protective coatings of mine site assets, with a track record in the remediation of storage tanks, structural steel, and fixed plant. Our process is tailored to the client’s requirements.

We provide high-quality fall protection products to help elevate worker safety.