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26-28 Leviathan St, South Boulder
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We sell a variety of fall protection equipment from 3M, including anchorages, carabiners, full body harnesses, fall protection kits, and lifelines. If you can't find a product you need, please contact us.
We offer a range of services to the mining, construction and civil industries. Any height, confined space, ascending or descending works, Archer Access aims to work with clients to provide a customised solution.

We've Moved!

Archer Access has moved it's premises from Kalgoorlie to South Boulder!
You can now find us at:
26-28 Leviathan St, South Boulder, WA 6432

Our Mine Infrastructure & Maintenance service includes; Confined Space Entry, Welding & Fabrication, Heavy Lifting & Rigging, Hazardous Material Area Access, Structural, Mechanical & Piping, Blasting & Painting, and Non-Destructive Testing. 

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Our Geotechnical & Ground Support service includes; rock scaling & high wall remediation, highwall movement monitoring installation, rockfall drape mesh installation, hydroscaling, high energy absorption barriers & catch fences, installation of rock anchors, cable bolts, soil pins & self-drilling anchors, and drill & blast solutions for problem areas.

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Our height safety equipment inspections include; harnesses, lanyards, shock absorbers, ropes, slings, type 1, 2 & 3 fall arrest devices, and connectors (carabiners, snap hooks, scaff hooks, and millions).

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We provide high-quality fall protection products to help elevate worker safety.


The safety of our people and all our stakeholders is paramount to us at Archer, as safety is at the core of our values and our safety vision is ZERO HARM. We employ industry best practice roping techniques and strive for safety innovation at all levels. Archer also provides industry-best equipment suitable for the work environment present.