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3M™ DBI-SALA® Self-Rescue 50

$1,431.83 (excl. GST)

  • Universal attachment. DBI-SALA® Self-Rescue retrofits to almost any safety harness, so you can keep wearing the one you’re most comfortable using.
  • EZ-Link™ D-ring. The EZ-Link stand-up D-ring provides a simple, fast connection point for your lanyards or personal selfretracting lifelines (SRLs). This patent-pending technology is tested to speed up connection and disconnection times by up to 80%, delivering convenience and time-savings every time you climb.
  • 15.24 m or 30.48 m (50 or 100 foot) lengths. Every at-height work site is different, so it only makes sense that your safety equipment fits the job you set out to do. With both 50- and 100-foot models to choose from, DBI-SALA Self-Rescue gives you more flexibility and convenience whatever your work site application needs may be.
  • Assisted-Rescue Ring & DBI-SALA Rescue Pole accessory In the event you’re incapacitated during a fall and are unable to activate DBI-SALA Self-Rescue, the assistedrescue ring allows for remote access and deployment by a colleague. For added efficiency, the telescoping DBI-SALA Rescue Pole accessory extends your reach and easily hooks into the ring, providing for a safe, efficient assisted-rescue.
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With the 3M DBI-SALA Self-Rescue, you can work at height without worrying about hanging in your harness for an extended period of time after an arrested fall event. Instead of wondering how long it will take to alert others to your fall, or how long before trained rescuers can gather the appropriate equipment to get you down, you can simply avoid all that and free yourself with the Self-Rescue 50.

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